HCA 4h Welding Team


Contact Info:

Gene Hernandez :

Welding Instructor

[email protected]


Elijah Gene Hernandez :

Welding Advisor

[email protected]

Please feel free to contact us, for  questions you may have  concering our program.


If you are intrested in joining the  HCA 4-H Welding Team, as a team member or as a welding advisor, please fill out the application form on the home page.
Hall Of Fame
John Molina Welding Team Captain 2007-2008
Aaron Brogan Welding Team Captain 2008 - 2009
Aaron Boggs Welding Team A Captain 2010 - 2012
Alison Valdez Welding Team B Captain 2010 - 2012
Elijah Hernandez Welding Team A Captain 2012 - 2013

 HCA'S 4-H welding team grade policy is very strict, we take pride in our members maintaining a passing grade in order to have a well rounded team.

Aaron Boggs (2010-2011) Welding Team Captain is pictured above receiving a scholarship from the 4-H Foundation.
Our first female welder and our first female team captain, Allison Valdez is shown cutting using the chop saw.

HCA 4-H Welding Team shop has clothing, accessories, books, DVD'S, and more, all proceeds benefit the HCA 4-H Welding Team.

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Thank You For Supporting HCA'S 4-H Welding Team

   The Psja Bears Welding Shop  
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Mission Statement


HCA'S 4-H Welding Team Program Is designed to promote and foster continued excellence in the students life.  In addition, it offers students unique opportunities for enrichment of educational studies, practical experiences, good citizenship, and leadership skills. The main goal of  the HCA'S 4-H Welding Team Program is to empower students so that they can achieve their goals in life. 

HCA'S 4-H Welding Team Program provide students with the following benefits:

  • Enriched learning environment
  • Practical work experience
  • Leadership development
  • Community Service